Flavored Cotton Candy 3 oz CASE OF 40

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This is a case of 40 - 3 oz. containers. You choose your flavor or let HG choose them for you for faster shipping. Also get a little discount for ordering in a 40 count case.

Here at Hayward Gourmet, our Cotton Candy (to our surprise) instantly became a huge hit when we introduced the item to our shelves around the year of 2015 and we’ve been SPINNING UP this beloved sweet, fluffy treat (and have produced thousands of tubs) ever since!!

We offer lots of flavors and mixed-flavor options!

We appreciate the fact that we spin our own cotton candy, and we take great pride in our packaging of the product as it shows up at your door the same as it left ours!

Our Cotton Candy doesn’t get squished during the shipping process, unlike most cotton candies which are shipping and sold in bags with twist-ties… leaving the cotton candy ultra-vulnerable to becoming squished, hard, dried out, crunchy and just plain OLD tasting… Can you believe that?! You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you receive our Cotton Candy AND taste it; just lik its fresh out of the spinner.

What’s in it: fresh spun cotton candy, 3 oz!

Packaging: cotton candy is placed in a quality plastic tub (non-flimsy) that comes complete with a tamper-proof locked lid that is reusable once opened.

Labelling/Branding: all cotton candy comes with a large circular HG emblem