Lemon Sour Chu Lo

• PREMIUM TASTE: Chu Lo Lemon Sour is the authentic Japanese classic, based on the original chūhai flavours from 1920’s Japan, Lemon Sour would not be out of place in downtown Tokyo. • MADE WITH REAL FRUIT JUICE: An exciting blend of freshly squeezed fruit juice and delicious flavours to create a low sugar, alcohol-free super sour soda with a unique and tantalising fizzy kick. • LOW SUGAR WITH NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS: 30% lower sugar than lemonade alternatives. Chu Lo Lemon Sour has no artificial sweeteners and just a hint of Stevia. • ACCESSIBLE TO ALL: Drinks are VEGAN friendly, GLUTEN FREE, and ASPARTAME FREE. • RECYCLABLE AND COLLECTABLE: We love cans – All packaging can be recycled. Collectable and recyclable cans with a uniquely illustrated Japanese-inspired design.