Swiss Cocoa Bomb with Milk Chocolate Shell

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Our homemade and handcrafted cocoa bombs come loaded with our own Hayward Gourmet Swiss Cocoa. 

Each bomb measure 70 mm.  This is considered a Large Bomb!  You place your bomb in a mug of your choice and pour 8-12 oz. of hot milk over and watch the bomb melt open and expose the hot cocoa and marshmallow's. 

Each bomb comes individually wrapped and placed in a plastic jar with lid.  Lid is heat banded for tamper proofing. This allows shipping anywhere in the country as well as protected for retail sale.  Cello wrapping is used to keep the bomb snug in the jar. No insurance needed as our bombs don’t normally break in shipping We ship thousands of bombs each season!

Two bombs available. Choose a cocoa bomb made with a milk chocolate shell and swiss milk chocolate cocoa and fluffy mini marshmallows.

Our second bomb is made with a while chocolate shell and inside with a white chocolate caramel cappuccino mix. Colorful dehydrated mini marshmallow's are also included on the inside which makes for a pretty presentation.

Please message for questions!